The University of Nevada, Reno, Civil & Environmental Engineering – Pavements/Materials Program  offers Flagger Certification Courses throughout Nevada. Once you have completed our course you are certified in the State of Nevada for 2 years.  Also, did you know that you need to recertify after the 2 years and all you have to do is retake the course.  Minimum of 18 years of age is required.  The four hour course meets the basic requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Participants will be required to take a written exam.  Those individuals who pass the exam will be certified to work on local, State and federal projects in Nevada which require flagging certficiation.

The cost of the course is $55.00 and now  beginning January 2012 you can check our Flagger Registry of certified flagger names on line at www.naqtc.unr.edu.  To request a special flagger certification course, you can call Lisa Cody directly at 775-784-1433.  Courses are usually taught twice a month in Reno and Las Vegas. Please review the latest brochure for additional information.  We accept company checks or money orders only made payable to the Board of Regents.

Course Description

The four-hour course meets the basic requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The course is taught by a pool of certified instructors. At the end of the training participants will know and understand:

  • The importance of proper signing
  • The importance of flagger positioning
  • The importance of a proper dress code
  • The proper use of flagger tools and signaling for stopping
  • Slowing and releasing traffic
  • Night time flagging
  • A temporary traffic control zone





Upcoming Courses

The University of Nevada, Reno, Pavements/Materials Program, CEE department is offering Flagger Certification Courses in several locations throughout the state of Nevada. Click here to check the latest calendar for 2013.   

Flagging Registry

Latest flagging registry list. The registry will be updated periodically.





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