The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the postponement of the April and May NAQTC Exam sessions in Reno and Las Vegas, disrupting the opportunity for many Technicians, Inspectors, and Specialists to recertify.

The NAQTC Board has taken the position that if your certification expires in May or June of 2020 the new expiration date will be Aug 31, 2020. However, you must attend the June/July 2020 exams because this will be your last chance before they expire on August 31, 2020.

Therefore, project owner representatives may contact NAQTC Certification via email for information regarding individuals' expiration dates in the NAQTC Certified Registry list. Please send inquiries to



NAQTC is a non-profit organization whose members include Nevada DOT, Clark County RTC, Washoe County RTC, Nevada Counties, Nevada Cities, American Consulting Engineers Council and the Nevada Contractors Association. The NAQTC alliance was formed through the Nevada Quality Initiative in an effort to improve the quality of transportation construction materials in Nevada. This program is prescribed to meet in part, the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations 637, Subpart B - Quality Assurance procedures for Construction. A person obtaining qualification under the NAQTC program is listed in the Qualified Technician Registry.


Starting January 2020, the following new registration options will be offered:

*Note: Option 1 – If individuals fail the written exam, they will not be allowed to take the performance exam.  If an individual used the combined registration form and paid for both written and performance exams but failed the written exam; a credit will be maintained for the performance exam for a period of one year from date of the first written exam attempt. The individual must complete a separate written exam registration form and pay the applicable fees.

Starting January 2011, the following changes will be effective:

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